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I am just blown away by how many people have interacted with this post since I wrote it at the beginning of January. I originally wrote it just to consolidate, in plain English, 10 major things about me and my disabilities. I somehow didn’t expect anyone to really relate to many of the things on the list. But I have seen at least a couple of people reblog the post expressing specifically that they relate to everything. I didn’t see that coming! It gives me a really good feeling, knowing that there are other people out there who have my specific difficulties, other people who find my experiences relatable. 

Can I just say for a second:

The abbreviation “NT” (neurotypical) is convenient and practically useful, but I’ve also seen it used by the autistic community in a derogatory sense. This is something that I really don’t appreciate. For instance, there are quite a few dialogue posts floating around Tumblr that make sweeping generalizations about NTs. Isn’t that what we as an autistic community are trying to avoid for ourselves? Generalizations and stereotypes? If so, then why do we treat NTs exactly the way we don’t want them to treat us? 

Just a thought.


Just curious:
Part of my job is to therapeutic mentoring for those with mental illness,learning disabilities, and other challenges. Would anyone be interested in online mentoring from me? Kind of like an anxiety coach. Of course I wouldn’t do therapy but just a resource that can provide 1 on 1 tools. I’m learning so much at work and I’d like to share it.

Social things that tend to make me anxious:

  • When I email/text someone and they never respond
  • The bubble that pops up to show me that someone is answering my text (What could they be saying!?!?)
  • When I know for sure that someone has seen my text, but they don’t answer (read receipts…)
  • Talking on the phone with people other than family or close friends
  • Having to communicate with people when I am in sensory overload

"They’ll think I’m weak" is not an excuse to avoid help for anxiety (or anything else, for that matter). You are not weak. You may have weaknesses. But you are not weak. From my own experience, I’ve found that it takes a truckload of strength to admit your weaknesses. It takes a lot of guts to step up and say “Hey, I’m not perfect. Please help me.” Asking for help is strong and right and good, contrary to what your mind may tell you. Don’t be afraid to do it! :) 

On College Campus

  • *gets lost*
  • *tries to use the map*
  • *can't even find the dot that says "You Are Here"*
  • Me: Oh! There it is!
  • Me: The dot is useless. Which way do I turn? Which way am I currently facing? Is the map really right? I don't think that hallway is on the map. How do people read these things? Why doesn't this make any sense? Why write out a 3-D environment on a 2-D sheet of paper? It's flat. The world I am standing in has confusing corners and long hallways and distracting lights and tons of noisy people and actual DEPTH.
  • Me: I don't get it at all.
  • *asks security guard for directions, only to get lost again*

Anonymous asked: A few months ago I was diagnosed with a nvld, and honestly I was very shocked. I never expected that I had a learning disability, but I knew something wasn't "right" from a very young age because I didn't learn like my peers, and socializing was .. ugh haha. But the more my psychologist talked to me about it and the more I read about it, the more I connected to it. Long story short, thank you for making this blog. All the positivity and awareness being spread is making me cry from happiness

Wow, thank you for sending this! Your encouragement truly means so much to me. :)


I’m back!

I have been traveling for nearly two weeks, so I haven’t been posting much on here, but I’m back now, so hopefully I will get some things posted! 



Am I the only one who really wants to know what therapists and psychiatrists write about you in their charts???

me too 

Me three!


  • Going to department stores exhausts me very quickly. (They are way too loud and busy!)
  • I am becoming more and more introverted, and even antisocial, as I age
  • Lawyers make me really nervous (Another thing to add to the list of things that cause me anxiety, along with doctors and phone calls and crossing busy streets and unexpected outings and thinking too much about the future and so on…)

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