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I pick my skin more often when it is dry so I need to use moisturizing lotion. For a long time I didn’t use any at all because I generally do not enjoy the feel of things sticking to my hands. Usually even the creams that are advertised as “non-greasy” are intolerable.

I continued my search for good lotions, however, and eventually came to this suggestion: Udderly Smooth udder cream. Apparently, it’s used on cow udders as a moisturizer. The farmers who used it on their cows started thinking “This would really make a good product for humans as well!” It is now marketed to not just cows, but also human beings, and comes in several varieties. If you get the original variety (I haven’t tried out any others yet) it is AMAZING for people who are sensitive to the feel of lotion. It has more of a solid feel, and is absorbed by skin very quickly. It does a great job with moisturization. ¬†

At least nowadays I use the cream. Now the issue is actually remembering to use it.

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