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I got an ask about locking doors…

…but Tumblr did something really odd and deleted it somehow. Anyways, the question, from veiledhorizons, asked, if I remember correctly: 

do you have trouble locking doors?


  • I always get confused about which way to put the key in. (Does the ridged side go up or down?)
  • Once I’ve figured that out, I have problems actually inserting the key into the lock. 
  • Once I get the key in, I struggle with the question of which way to turn the key to open the door. Also the physical act of turning the key is hard at times. 
  • I usually turn the key the wrong way several times.
  • I then get confused about which way is the right way to turn it. (The lock is round! How am I supposed to know which way is left and which is right!?)
  • I usually do a whole bunch of experimentation until I finally get the door open. (Although most of the time, I just can’t get the door open at all, and have to ask for help.)

And then then there’s the question of how to get the key out of the lock. That requires quite a bit of experimentation as well. 

In other words, I have extreme trouble locking (and unlocking) doors. 

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    I hate locking doors with keys… someone else sometimes has to do it… frustrating! And I compulsively lock doors, so...
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    oh my god story of my life
  3. happychaosinmyhead said: For me it helps to put my left thumb above the keyhole because it makes inserting the key with my right hand easier: you can keep it against your thumb so you don’t go to high or low, and you can move it a bit with your thumb to get it in.
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    Then there is the thing when you have a bunch of keys and they all look exactly the same
  5. festusstolethetardis said: Combination locks are worse.
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